The Art of Recycling Fabric
into One-of-a-Kind Quilts
that comfort Children with
Life-Threatening Illnesses

Sewing since 2006

Our Mission is Threefold:

To gift SEWonderful Quilts to children in need
To recycle fabric into SEWonderful Quilts with help from Volunteers
To keep discontinued fabric out of landfills

SEWonderful Quilts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Chicago based gifts one-of-a-kind comfort quilts free of charge to infants - 21yr olds dealing with life-threatening illnesses and other unfortunate health issues.

Through its clever and caring reuse of discontinued designer fabric, these gifts of kindness greatly help to reduce anxiety surrounding healthcare experiences for children and their families. There is a human connection that lets them know someone cares, we are a proven Rx.

Children are diagnosed on a daily basis; if you know a child who is eligible to receive a quilt, contact us. As well, you can volunteer to make a quilt or become a donor.

Your friendship and support are appreciated,





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